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Why are you doing this to me? Why am I doing this to you? The end of your words are vague and my tears fall. I’m on my knees and I’m ready to get hurt.

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I just got this message from an international Starlight and they just put it all into words. Maybe this will make you see how Jellyfish treats international Starlights like lesser fans.

When they came to the states it was already a bad enough experience. We paid all this money to go to a signing, and then at the last minute they changed it to a “hi-touch” instead (but kept it the same price) with a pre-signed poster included at the end and they rushed us through the line so I got .05 seconds with each member just touching their hand… then got to the end to get my poster and it was SIGNED BY ONE MEMBER AND IT WAS RANDOM WHO YOU GOT. You could tell how upset our boys were though… they looked in each of our eyes as we passed as if we were the most important person in the world to them… it was so sweet. You could tell they truly honestly cared and wished they’d had more time with us. :(

THEN…. hooooo don’t even get me started on the fact that they stopped doing VIXX TV…. Ok yeah I realized they were about to get really really busy so they didn’t really have time to do that anymore… but that stopped the TRANSLATIONS coming from them too if you notice!!! When was the last time they released a video on their channel with ENGLISH SUBTITLES IN THEM???? Canceling VIXX TV completely cut off their ability to communicate with ANY ENGLISH SPEAKERS who don’t speak Korean too. I mean damn there are AMAZING people in Europe that speak 6 different languages and KOREAN ISN’T ONE OF THEM but English is… and now they have no way of knowing what their favorite idols are saying unless people translate their videos and post them…. OH BUT JELLYFISH AND OTHER COMPANIES GET THAT SHIT TAKEN DOWN AS FAST AS POSSIBLE NOW ADAYS so we gotta be all secretive about it and just….. UUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!! It felt like a big old Fuck You from Jellyfish being like “Well if you don’t speak Korean then screw you bitches”.

And now with how badly they are treating fans and all the special shit Korean fans get that no one else gets even though we pay a SHIT TON MORE…. Do they not realize how HUGE their international audience is?!?! I mean really?!?! They should APPRECIATE ALL OF US not try and alienate us and milk us for cash as if we’re freaking DISPOSABLE PIGGY BANKS instead of people!!!! I get that they are from Korea so they will naturally have a closer tie with their Korean fans and those fans will always be just a TINY bit more special in a way cause they’re from their home….. but damn if I was a company that had a group who had a SHIT TON of fans NOT from my country I’D BE HELLA PROUD AND THANKFUL AND JUST AMAZED AND WANT THEM ALL TO FEEL APPRECIATED!!!! We are separated by race, language, distance, EVERYTHING, but still love their boys and THIS IS HOW WE’RE TREATED?!?!?

I know VIXX has NOTHING to do with this. They are the most sweet and wonderful people. And honestly THEY are victims of Jellyfish too… being worked to death… turning our beautiful boys into tired, damaged, emaciated shells of the angels they once were… The light is gone from Ken’s eyes… N had a sadness you can just sense… Leo may seem to be opening up more but it feels like it’s because he just doesn’t “care” what happens to him anymore cause he knows he has no control over anything… None of them seem the same except maybe Hyuk but his youthful innocence and joy will soon be bled from him by this company and he will find himself having to fake his way through it just like the other members….

I’m just so upset about EVERYTHING with Jellyfish… I have tried SO HARD to stay supporting them and make excuses somehow for this shit and try my best to just be like “well other companies do some of these things” BUT WHY DOES THAT MATTER?!?! JELLYFISH CAN BE BETTER THAN THAT!!!! When Block B came over it showed me what a TRUE KPOP SHOW AND FANSIGN SHOULD BE. They were all SO EXCITED and happy to meet us… the event was so beautifully planned… the members were allowed to TALK to us and look at us and HOLD our hands, even if it was a bit rushed and the members wished they had more time with us… we were treated like IMPORTANT PEOPLE just like their Korean fans are… the management ended up opening up the “hi-touch” portion of the evening to THE ENTIRE DAMN VENUE… they ended up turning a blind eye and ALLOWED PICTURES AND VIDEO and let the boys interact with the audience and steal people’s phones to take selcas during the encore… it was the most amazing night EVER… and it instantly made me feel a sense of regret for spending the money and time I had on the VIXX concert last year. I couldn’t believe I felt that way about my bias group but… in the long run it just was NOT worth it for what I spent. I’d pay for and go to the Block B concert OVER AND OVER AGAIN (even though it was a bit more expensive for VVIP tickets) instead of ever going to see VIXX live with the way we were treated and the type of show we were given.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful… I’m really not… I am so glad VIXX came to the states at all and I’m happy to be able to say I saw them live and touched their hands I really REALLY am… but compared to what that night COULD have been… now that I’ve seen what GOOD management is like, what true appreciation of international fans is… I just…. yeah. I love VIXX THE PEOPLE, VIXX THE MEMBERS, but Jellyfish is one more issue away from being dead to me. I wish there was a way to support VIXX without supporting Jellyfish. They seem to really just not care about any of us international fans and it just kills me. I DON’T WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT NOR DO I EXPECT IT… but goddamn at least treat us like EQUAL FANS…. FUCK….


Now that I’m thinking about it… I probably should have ALSO mentioned the fact that we were yelled and shoved and made to feel like crap at the concert by management too…. It wasn’t just “I didn’t get exactly what I paid for so booooo”… it was “We were treated like cattle at a shit-hole dairy farm… feed them enough to keep them alive… milk them for what you can… then just discard since you got what you needed”

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