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Why are you doing this to me? Why am I doing this to you? The end of your words are vague and my tears fall. I’m on my knees and I’m ready to get hurt.

Hello hi welcome to my leo/vixx side blog. (◡‿◡✿)  ;

[INTERVIEW] CECI September 2014 - “A Bitter Serenade” (Leo)


VIXX’s promotions for <Eternity> have ended, and now you have Lyn and Leo’s project album release coming up (The interview took place on July 31st).

The title ‘Blossom Tears’ fortells picking out petals one by one, ‘He loves me, he loves me not.” It’s a story about a man who carries a sad fate and the woman he loves, Lyn sunbae-nim personally wrote the lyrics. She explained the lyrics well, so it was a lot of help when we recorded.

What kind of story did you personally tell in the music video?

I play the role of a man who has been hurt by the woman he loves because she left him. After that, he kills the people he loves so that they can never leave him, a psychopath that wants complete ownership over them. Since there’s no script and I had to change my emotions like a rollercoaster with details, the acting was really hard but it ended well because the staff was really helpful.

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[!!] Revisions made to application and deadline. || In seach of Admins & Moderators

Due to difficult with the original application revisions have been made to application.
  • If you wish to apply, please do so by clicking the follow link » { apply here }
  • The deadline has been changed to 12AM EST on August 22nd.
  • If you wish to view the original post for more information, please click here » { original post }

Seems I made things a bit too complicated the first time around ;; Those of you who had previously sent in an application should have already been notified. 

Could you guys be awesome sauce and help spread this around too? ;; ♥ Thanks bunches, loves.



Hello there! You’re probably here because you’re wondering about something related to Starlight TCs or the blog starlight-tc, am I right? Hopefully what I’ve written below will help clear up anything you were wondering or confused about. 

Here’s a basic run down of Starlight TCs with the five main questions.

☆ Who runs Starlight TCs?
As of right now, the blog starlight-tc and randomly scheduled TCs are run by jung-piggie, aka Shell. She is currently in search of admins and moderators for the blog to help her out with running TCs.
☆ What are Starlight TCs?
When Starlight TCs first started, it was just a giant gathering of Starlights worldwide getting together on tinychat to hangout while we waited for the release of the Hyde music video. Not much has really changed then. Shell has been hosting a Starlight TCs every comeback music video release and will continue to do so for as long as she can.
☆ When do Starlight TCs happen?
The traditional Starlight TCs that Shell hosts happen on the day of the music video release. She usually starts at a time that can accommodate for most time zones in order for people to come and go as their schedules allow. Now with the creation of the starlight-tc blog, there will hopefully be more TCs hosted with various other themes as well. { Don’t worry, I’ll get to the themes part a little later. }
☆ Where are Starlight TCs hosted?
TCs are hosted via tinychat, hence TC. Each time a TC is hosted, the link will be included in a notification post. With the addition of new admins to the blog, there will be multiple links for TCs, depending on the theme and admin in charge.

☆ Why do Starlight TCs exist?

They exist because Shell exists. Just kidding. Starlight TCs exists in order for Starlights to come together and hangout while fawning over VIXX. As for the blog, it was created per request of Starlights at the most recent Eternity TC in order to make finding notices about TCs easier. Of course, more idea for the blog have been added since then.

What is this ‘themes’ thing that keeps getting mentioned?

Glad you asked because this is pretty important, especially now with the creation of the starlight-tc blog. Below you will find the basic questions regarding themes.
☆ What are the themes?
Themes refers to what the TC being hosted is about. The traditional Starlight TC hosted by Shell would have the theme of “comebacks” because she hosts them specifically for comeback music videos. After admins have been chosen for the blog, other themes will be discussed. A few examples of themes that are being considered are VIXX TV, MTV Diary, Plan V Diary, and Mydol.
☆ Who is in charge of the themes?
Until admins are chosen and themes have been assigned, Shell is the only one in charge of themes. Once everything is done, a post will be made regarding theme assignments made as well as an overview page that will be available on the starlight-tc blog.
☆ How exactly does this themes thing work?
Each admin will be in charge of a certain theme when it comes to hosting their TCs. The main focus of their TC will be their theme, however, it is at the admin’s discretion whether or not their TC will have other things on top of their own theme.

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